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SENZA X KYOTO original new product


Two types of blended tea

Made with deep steamed domestic pesticide-free green tea and lemon myrtle

You can pair it with all kinds of dishes such as Japanese, Italian, Chinese, etc.

Of course, you can also enjoy it warmed up during relaxing time.


Tetra-shaped tea packs 2g x 8 packets

Add 150-200ml of your favorite hot water to each packet, steep for 2-5 minutes, and enjoy.

We use deeply steamed green tea, so you can get a deep flavor even in a short time.

TISANA 2 types of blended tea (2g x 8 packets)

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¥1,900 Regular Price
¥1,805Sale Price
  • We use green tea grown without pesticides in Shizuoka Prefecture.It is deeply steamed green tea, so it has a firm body and richness, but a mellow taste.

    The herb blended into it is lemon myrtle, an ancient herb used by Australian aborigines.

    It also has antibacterial and diuretic properties, and above all, it is a refreshing herb that smells more like lemon than lemon.

    The exquisite blend ratio makes it easy to pair with Japanese cuisine, as well as Italian and Chinese cuisine.

    It's great to enjoy chilled during a meal or warmed up after a meal, and goes well with both Japanese and Western desserts.

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